Aug 24 2015

Engagement Photography|Norfolk {matthew & Gulnoor}



Hurley Lodge

Engagement Photography|Norfolk {Matthew & Gulnoor}  It had been a very hot day in Norfolk, but as early evening approached, it was starting to cool down nicely and the light was stunning. I met with London based students, Matt & Gulnoor, for their photo shoot, at Matt’s parents house in Dereham. Hurley Lodge is hidden down a country lane, nestled between rolling crops. A perfect location for their engagement shoot.

We took a nice walk around the extensive grounds, through the apple trees and the wild flowers. Then we wandered down the lane, to play in the corn fields. It was all great fun, until Matt was chased by a horsefly…his constant running away was comical.

We escaped the biting bugs and headed back to the Lodge for some sunset shots. As we waited for the perfect light, I spotted the sports car. Matt and his dad’s pride and joy. The boys built it themselves, it seemed only right we should use it for the shoot. Bright red and very fast, off matt and his fiancee Gulnoor sped, down the lane and out of sight. Upon their return, Matt turned to me and said, “your turn” and he took me for a spin too…wow, it was so much fun.

We arrived back at just the right moment, in perfect time, to capture the sun, as it set over an amazing shoot. I look forward to returning to Dereham and Hurley Lodge for the wedding.

An engagement shoot may seem like a luxury, but in my mind, it’s an essential. I am aware that some people don’t like having their photo taken, me included.  After a bit of time together, in front of the camera, people soon relax and actually start to have fun with it! When it comes to the wedding day itself, the photography side of things becomes the last thing you need to be nervous about.

Engagement Photography|Norfolk 2015-09-24_0024 Engagement Photography|Norfolk Engagement photography|Norfolk Engagement Photography|Norfolk 2015-09-24_0028 Engagement - Matt and Gulnoor - Norfolk Engagement Photography|Norfolk Engagement photography|Norfolk Engagement Shoot|Matt & Gulnoor|Norfolk Engagement Shoot|Norfolk Engagement Photography|Norfolk 2015-09-24_0034 Engagement Shoot|Norfolk Engagement Photography|Norfolk Engagement Matt and Gulnoor Norfolk 2015-09-24_0038 Engagement Shoot|Norfolk Engagement Photography|Norfolk Engagement Shoot|Norfolk Engagement Photography|Norfolk

Apr 20 2015

Family Photo Shoot Plantation Gardens Norwich

Family Photo Shoot

Plantation Gardens Norwich

The journey continues and once again, I get to work with Emily and her beautiful little family. Emily and Lee had been together many years, but, as it does, life has had its ups and downs. Thankfully this lovely couple have found each other again. Lee’s little boy, Joe, and his half sister, Poppy, are totally inseparable.

The fun and games started with a walk through Norwich. We were headed to one of the city’s well hidden secrets. We went to the Plantation Gardens, a truly mysterious spot concealed in the centre of town. Living in Norfolk is perfect for photography locations. Close enough to the coast for a beach shoot, or maybe a wander round one of our beautiful country houses. Close by is Blickling Hall, such a fantastic shoot location.

In the beginning there were a few tears, but soon enough, they were replaced with laughter, as Joe and Poppy blew bubbles into my lens. Blessed once again with clear blue skies, the shoot was so much fun. The Gardens offer so many hidden areas to discover, including a zig zag staircase to climb and its beautiful pond. A wonderful playground for children and adults alike.

I am such a lucky girl to call this my job. I think working with children is very special, and I really do enjoy what I do. If you like my photographs below and would like to book a shoot, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jo x

Family Photo Shoot Plantation Gardens Norwich

Family Photo Shoot Plantation Gardens Norwich 2015-09-24_0020


Family Photo Shoot Plantation Gardens Norwich

Family Photo Shoot Plantation Gardens Norwich

Family Photo Shoot Plantation Gardens Norwich

Family Photo Shoot Plantation Gardens Norwich

emily lee

Oct 1 2014

Birthday Cake Smash Waterloo Park Norwich

Birthday Cake Smash

George enjoyed his first birthday cake smash at Waterloo park, Norwich

It was a busy week for Joanna Killingworth Photography. Just before jetting off to Spain to shoot a wedding, I got to spend a few hours with this little chap, George, for his  Birthday Cake smash photo shoot.

Quite a few months ago, I first spoke to Georges mum Sarah, she introduced the idea of a cake smash shoot for her sons first birthday, a first for me. So I did a bit of research and came up with a few ideas. Never did I imagine the scene, as I arrived at Waterloo Park, Norwich, on the afternoon of the shoot. There stood Sarah and husband Luke with balloons and pom poms and a big red chair. I love it when a client embraces the shoot. George was happily bashing his balloons.

George was a perfect model. He smiled and played whilst we got  to know each other. As I snapped away, we decided it was time to bring on the cake. Big, blue and gooey it was too! Irresistible right? Well George was wary of such a thing and not sure if he should touch it, so gently, gently was the way to go. Finger after finger of blue icing being licked away. It wasn’t too long before, with help from the grown ups, George was munching fist fulls of delicious sponge cake and white chocolate.

After a little clean up, George joined mum and dad for some tickles and cuddles. I hope you like the photos. You were all brilliant Sarah, Luke and George. 

I am offering family lifestyle shoots in Oct 2014 for the reduced price of £150 (a saving of £45) For further information go to this  October. No hidden costs, all images on USB with permission to print.

birthday cake smash George-10 George-14 George-15 George-36 George-40 George-56 George-72 George-81 George-84 George-95

Sep 29 2014

Early Autumn Walk Mousehold Norwich Norfolk

A few relaxing hours spent walking in the warm sun on Mousehold Heath Norwich. Our Early Autumn walk.

People keep telling me summer is over. I am not ready to say goodbye to the warm sun on my face just yet.

It was such a beautiful, warm day, so I decided to go with my daughter for a walk in the local woods, Mousehold Heath. It was so relaxing walking together and spotting the early signs of autumn starting to emerge.

The sun streamed through the trees as we wandered down the winding pathways. The woodland floor was lined with orange leaves. Every twist and turn presented us with yet another clue that Autumn is well on the way.

We were bathed in such beautiful light for this early autumn walk, stopping occasionally to take photos and look closer at the delights this tranquil spot presented us with. We are so lucky to live in such a stunning and diverse part of the world.

I am going to make it my mission to take at least a day a month out of my hectic life just to absorb nature at its best as the seasons change. If you find you have some time to go on a mini adventure, why not visit Norfolk . How about a day at Felbrigg Hall or even a brisk walk by the sea at Cromer.

As a professional photographer, my work takes me to some stunning locations, both here in the uk and further afield. Are you looking for a fun, relaxed family photo shoot in your favourite part of the world? If so please get in touch and book me to spend a few hours creating some wonderful images for you to treasure. For a lifestyle shoot with me it costs £195 which includes all images on usb and permission to print.  For further information on lifestyle shoots and the services I provide please email me at

Early Autumn Walk

early autumn walk

early autumn walkearly autumn walkearly autumn walkearly autumn walkearly autumn walkearly autumn walkearly autumn walkearly autumn walkearly autumn walk

Aug 20 2014

Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy

Lifestyle Photo Shoot With Poppy Eaton Park Norwich

A Lifestyle photo shoot with Poppy.

Eaton Park in Norwich is a real gem of a shoot location. I visit this place pretty often. I shoot lots of engagement shoots here, but also do the Norwich 5k park run here regularly too. Come rain, shine or snow, there is always a good angle for a great photograph.

This visit was a little bit different. We had to be very sneaky about It. Poppy’s mum Emily, a close friend, has a birthday coming up. This shoot was a surprise. I was worried she would spill the beans, but Poppy is such a little angel and really good at keeping a secret.

It was such a perfect shoot, running around the park and picking wild flowers. Blessed with perfect light as the golden evening sunshine warmed our skin. I also had the help of my two children, Ella 10 and Jak 9. They are experts at making Poppy giggle. Maybe I should have them with me at every shoot? Or not.

I really enjoy working with children, they always touch my heart with their willingness to get involved. Poppy knows me very well, I have photographed her lots before. The first shoot was when she was only a tiny baby. She is so much fun to be around and always ready for a cuddle. Although I may be a bit biased as she is malso my goddaughter.

I love to work outside with natural light. Tonight did not disappoint with the most beautiful golden hour as the sun set. I couldn’t have asked for more. The city of Norwich sure is a fine city. Time went very fast as usual, and before I knew it, the shoot was complete and it was time to head home. I rewarded my helpers with fish and chips as a special treat…yum.

I hope you like the photographs. if you would like a shoot of your own, i’d love to hear from you. 

Jo x

Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy Lifestyle Photo Shoot with PoppyLifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy Lifestyle Photo Shoot with Poppy

Sep 19 2013

Newborn photo shoot | Sebastian | Norwich |Norfolk

 Newborn photo shoot

Baby Newborn photo shoot are always such a beautiful occasion, worlds away from the high pressure and fast pace of shooting a wedding. This shoot was certainly no exception. Baby Sebastian was a delight to photograph. He was a real sleepy head, only waking a couple of times, for a little feed.

I first met Craig, Sebastian’s daddy, when we worked together a few years ago. I was so excited to hear his partner Hannah had given birth to a beautiful baby boy, even more excited when they asked me to photograph him. I have already photographed Craig with his sister Emma and her children. We had a great family photo shoot in a local nightclub of all places! It was during the day, closed to the public, but all painted white, great location.

Newborn photo shoots usually take up to around 4 hours. This may sound like a long time, but the time flys by so fast. To get the lovely sleepy photographs you see here, it is important to ensure baby is happy and relaxed. Patients is most certainly required here. I use white noise on my phone and plenty of cuddles to get baby into a deep sleep.

I prefer to photograph babies in their own home, its more relaxing for both mum and baby to be in a familiar setting, with everything to hand. My little studio is simple to set up. Even easier if I can shoot with natural light, as I did with Sebastian, without the need for extra lighting. Having said that, I have a great little set up at my home, perfect for Newborn photo shoot.

Heres a little taster of our newborn photo shoot together.

newborn photo shootNewborn photo shootnewborn photo shootNewborn photo shoot

If you are due to have a baby soon and would like a Newborn photo shoot, I would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to Contact me here.

Aug 9 2013

portofino italy wedding photography| Jo & Paul

portofino italy

wedding photography

portofino italy wedding photography

wedding photography {Jo & Paul}

As a wedding photographer, I get to see some pretty amazing weddings. This stunning wedding was no exception. portofino italy wedding photography

I first met with Jo and Paul at their home in Norfolk. Cup of tea in hand and their mischievous cat on my lap, I began to hear about Jo and Paul’s grand wedding plans. The destination for this perfect wedding was to be, no less than, the Italian Riviera. Portofino to be precise.

High above the port of Portofino, looking out over the multi million pound yachts and cars, sits A villa called Castello Brown. Cleverly crafted into the  hillside above the port, this place boasts the most spectacular views of the mediterranean sea and beyond.

The night before the wedding, I got to meet all the family and friends over, what else, pizza! The excitement filled the air as we and chatted into the night. It was an early night for me. I wanted to fresh for the big day ahead.

On the morning of the wedding,I woke up early . My hotel was right on the beach, so, before my breakfast, I went for a quick swim with the locals. A great way to start the day.

The temperature was already rising and it wasn’t even 10am. I took a short drive to the venue, and met with the family at the port. After a quick drink in the hot sun, we started the steep climb to Castello Brown. Many stairs later, and there it was…THE most beautiful wedding location to date.

The bridal party were very calm as they got ready for the day. Jo had thought of everything. Each and every detail was classic and beautiful. When I first saw her dress, I think a tear came to my eye. Low cut back with an italian lace infill. I couldn’t wait to see her with it on.

In the courtyard, preparations had been made for the ceremony. Paul was waiting, nervous and excited for his bride to meet him at the alter. Lead by her bridesmaids and flower girl, arm in arm with her proud dad, Jo arrived. A vision of perfection indeed.

The ceremony over and the celebrations begin. Plenty of food and wine was consumed, and everyone partied well into the night. A perfect celebration of a wonderful couple. Congratulations Jo & Paul and thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding.

Thanks also to infinity wedding planners . Barbara, you made me feel most welcome, I hope to shoot alongside you again soon. portofino italy wedding photography

portofino italy wedding photographyportofino italy wedding photographyportofino italy wedding photographycastello brown portofino 004portofino italy wedding photographycastello brown portofino 005castello brown portofino 006portofino italy wedding photographycastello brown portofino 008portofino italy wedding photographyportofino italy wedding photographyportofino italy wedding photographyportofino italy wedding photographyportofino italy wedding photographycastello brown portofino 014portofino italy wedding photographycastello brown portofino 016portofino italy wedding photography

Jun 25 2013

A day on the broads with Sue & Jon

You gotta love it when your bride and groom say they want to do their engagement shoot on their boat! Today we spent a lovely day on the broads, aboard ‘Destiny’, and very relaxing it was indeed. I am really looking forward to their special day, Jon and Sue are such fun to be around.

jon and sue

Apr 7 2013

Cathy and Les. Snowy Engagement shoot

Piping hot flask of tea at the ready and wrapped up warm, I headed out to Eaton Park to meet Cathy and Les for their engagement shoot. The weather did it’s best to put us off, but Cathy and Les just cuddled up tighter.

Looking forward to shooting their wedding at Southwood Hall, in May. The sun will shine on us this time, I am sure of it!

2013-04-07_006 2013-04-07_004Cathy & Les

Oct 20 2012

Sara and Christopher’s Wedding

Back in September I had the pleasure of shooting with Nicki Thurgar . We really did have fun in the sun as we covered Sara and Chris’s special day. And look out for the most amazing Choccy woccy doo dah cake! Here is a little peep of my images. Keep an eye on Nicki Thurgar’s site for all of her amazing photographs from the day.